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Where the darkest nights truly shine

Where the darkest nights truly shine

Close your eyes and picture the Grand Canyon. What do you see? Even if you’ve never been there, you probably have an idea what it looks like. Massive, orange-and-red canyon. Winding Colorado River. Rock formations that go and on.

Odds are, you’re picturing a brightly lit desert scene. But this is only the half the story. Grand Canyon National Park also has a dark side that’s just as spectacular as its sunny daytime appearance.

Far from the light pollution that obscures the skies in urban areas, this International Dark Sky Park gets extremely dark at night. Here, the night skies come alive.

Light pollution is sneaky. It’s really about what you’re not seeing. City lights obscure the stars, planets and comets that reside right above our heads. That’s a shame. And it’s a reason to journey to the Grand Canyon to view night skies as they appeared before the Industrial Revolution.

At the remote Grand Canyon, you can observe constellations, meteor showers and moon phases. Plus, on clear, moonless nights, the Milky Way itself.

If you’re ready to see starry nights at a whole different level, be a part of the 2024 Grand Canyon Star Party. Taking place June 1 through 8, this is a can’t-miss event for amateur astronomers of all experience levels. During the Star Party, the entire park becomes one enormous observatory. With free astronomy talks and telescopes for guests to use, it’s a star lover’s dream scene.

The South Rim is awash in ideal viewpoints for stargazing. To really soak up the best views, you’ll want to venture out in the park to the premierstargazing spots. Such as Yavapai Point, Mather Point, Desert View, Moran Point, Lipan Point and more. Check them out for yourself — you’ll be happy you did.

Need lodging for your celestial journey? Yavapai Lodge’s Stargazing Package includes overnight accommodations, binoculars, LED headlamps with white and red night-vision lights, a pocket star finder, a National Geographic night sky guidebook and more. Yavapai Lodge is located just steps from the South Rim, close to all the prime night sky viewing spots.

And if you’re looking for a night vision flashlight to use on your stargazing trip or Dark Sky apparel and drinkware, we have you covered.

The stargazing at the Grand Canyon is as good as anywhere on Earth. Make plans now to be awestruck under the stars with your favorite people.

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